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Wholesale Tarot & Oracle Card Boxes

In this category we offer a range of wholesale storage boxes designed for use with Tarot & Oracle Card decks. Having a dedicated storage solution is essential to keep your cards safe, organised, and easily accessible. We offer a range of different designs, and materials, including our own range of sheesham wood boxes with various carvings.

Compact boxes are ideal for those on the go, while larger boxes can house multiple decks, guidebooks, and accessories. Proper storage is paramount in preserving the integrity of your Tarot and Oracle cards. Our storage boxes are specifically designed to shield your decks from dust, moisture, and physical damage.

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  • Double Tarot / Oracle Card Box (Sheesham Wood)
  • Ornate Wooden Box with Brass Corners
  • Wooden Sheesham Tarot Card Box
  • Hand-Carved Sheesham Wood Angel Card Box
  • Sheesham Butterfly Box
  • Wooden Sheesham Floral Storage Box
  • Plain Wood Tarot Box
  • Lotus Tarot Box with Copper Effect
  • Om Symbol Tarot Box with Copper Effect
  • Moon & Star Wooden Engraved Tarot Box
  • Yin Yang Wooden Engraved Tarot Box
  • Flower of Life Wooden Tarot Storage Box
  • Lotus Flower Wooden Tarot Storage Box
  • Soapstone Tarot Box with Pentacle Design