Can We Use Your Photos or Text on Our Website?


We currently ask that you do not copy descriptive text from unless this text is text from the blurb on the back of a book or something transcribed from the product itself.


We prefer that you use your own photos on your own website. The photos you take are part of the character of your website.

A Word on Duplicate Content & Toxic Links

Since 2012, after the Panda update, Google has started to penalize websites with duplicate content. Similarly, with the Penguin update they started penalizing unnatural linking strategies. We have written some information on this below and hope it helps.

Google have started to penalize websites that use the same text as another website. This is duplicate content, they see it as 'not original' and you may get penalized. This is why it is always best to write your own text. It is also possible on Google to look for duplicate photos. Although there is no evidence of them penalizing for duplicate photos it is not inconceivable they may do this more in the future, as they do have the means to track it.

So in using content from another website, even though this is quickest, it may not always be in your website's best interest. Apart from the obvious copyright issues this is part of the reason we don't allow our customers to use our photos and text on their websites.

Some years ago we all tried to get others to link to us and we linked back in exchange. Google monitors the rate of new links going to your site. And they monitor for a natural and gradual increase. You may get penalized now if someone who links to you engages in dubious linking techniques! I.e. You don't even need to be the dubious one now! So the advice here is to try to link naturally and don't pay for getting listed on a directory. Bad links to your site can actually suppress your listing. As can links from your site going to sites that are unrelated to your field or linking to sites that are using unnatural linking strategies.

We hope this information is of help to you.

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