How Do You Calculate VAT?

VAT in the UK is calculated at 20%. Books are exempt from VAT.

For most of our products that are not books VAT is calculated at 20%. For books there is no VAT charge.

We do however sell a number of products that are "mixed" VAT. For example this may be a tarot set that includes a pack of cards and a book. Manufacturers of these products often at point of production specify what percentage of this product is standard VAT and what percentage is a book. These figures do vary quite a lot, but a typical example would be the "Beginners Guide to Tarot - card and Book set" which says that 46.3% of this set is a book and 53.7% of it is cards. This does have implications for retailers and calculating their prices and VAT. If you would like any figures for mixed VAT products please do ask us and we can give you these figures.

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