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    A Little Peace of Mind (Book)

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    Wholesale A Little Peace of Mind (Book) by Nicola Bird

    Information: 205 pages, paperback.

    About the Book:
    Do you feel like anxiety is making your life smaller? Are you always worried about the next panic attack? or are you so stressed that you can't remember when you last felt peaceful and happy?

    What is there was a simple solution that meant you could start coping, and start living?

    For more than 20 years, Nicola Bird experienced anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes so severely she couldn't leave the house. She tried everything, including meditation, psychiatric counselling, yoga, and NLP. Then she stumbled upon a completely different way of understanding the human mind that changed her relationship with anxiety forever.

    In A Little Peace of Mind, Nicola opens up about her own experiences and shares simple ideas to help you realize your own innate mental health and well being.

    At the heart of this understanding, you'll discover the peace of mind that has been eluding you all this time.

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