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    CD: Angel - Guided Meditations for Children - Michelle Robertson-Jones

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    Total running time: 38 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1. Your Guardian Angel
    In this gentle meditation your child will be helped to connect with their very own Guardian Angels.

    2. Angel Garden
    In a beautiful garden, your child's Angel presents a gift of a magical golden bucket, to put all their worries and fears into and watch them all disappear.

    3. Perfect Wings
    A special friend is introduced by your child's Angel. A Magnificent Unicorn to ride upon, flying through rainbows where dreams and wishes do come true.

    4. Angel Magic
    Amongst soft and gentle clouds, your child will visit a whole host of Angels, who offer a special ball of light and colour, for any occasion that may arise in life, that needs a touch of Angel Magic.

    They say: This beautiful CD for children holds four magical meditations, with the intention of empowering each listener to explore their imagination and find that special place inside, where adventures unfold and the beauty that every child holds.