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    CD: Manifesting Abundance by Marianne Williamson

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    Total running time: 5 hours 5 minutes
    4 CD set:

    CD 1 (80 minutes)
    CD 2 (74 minutes)
    CD 3 (78 minutes)
    CD 4 (73 minutes)

    They say: In this four-CD program, best-selling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson offers her insights on a variety of issues that confront many of us in our daily lives. The four CDs included within are:

    (1) Surrender All Things/Spiritual Triumph: Williamson discusses the need to surrender self-will, allowing divine will to guide and illuminate our lives.

    (2) Principles of Manifestation/Letting God Lead: Williamson explains that everything we manifest is a reflection of the love we choose - or choose not - to express to those around us.

    (3) The Power of Praise and Thanksgiving/How to Give More: Williamson points out the power of praise and thanksgiving. We can share our abundance freely and become true teachers of God.

    (4) Manifesting Miracles/Living Your Capacity: Williamson emphasizes that miracles occur naturally as expressions of love, eternally available through the grace of God.

    Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and has done extensive charitable organizing throughout the country in service to people with life-challenging illnesses; and is the founder of The American Renaissance Alliance, a non-profit grass-roots organization dedicated to introducing spiritual principles into our political discourse. She is currently the Spiritual Leader at Renaissance Unity: Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship in Warren, Michigan.