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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown

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Information: 445 pages, paperback

They say: The American West, 1860 to 1890 - 30 years of broken promises, disillusionment, wars and massacre. This epic best-seller tells the Native Americans' side of the story. We see their faces and hear their stories as they strive to prevent the encroachment of miners, ranchers, saloon-keepers and soldiers upon their land, their heritage and, finally, their liberty. Woven into an engrossing saga of cruelty, treachery and violence are the fascinating stories of such famous warriors and tribal chieftains as Sitting Bull, Cochise, Crazy Horse and Geronimo.

'Calculated to make the head pound, the heart ache and the blood boil.' - The Times
'Impossible to put down.' - New York Times

We say: This is the definitive account of what really happened to the Native American people at the hands of white settlers who took without asking, and made promises that were mostly broken. It is as much a history book as a story. A captivating book.