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    EARRINGS: Rainbow Opal Feather - Sterling Silver

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    Dimensions: Opal crystal is about 6mm diameter. Feathers about 25mm (1 inch) long
    Origin: Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Navajo on the Navajo reservation in the USA

    Opal is a stone of psychic awareness. It is related to the moon, and (like a full moon) can sometimes bring hidden aspects of ourselves to the surface so we can deal with them.

    Rainbow opal reflects a variety of pastel colours such as green, pink, yellow, light red and as such is related to vision. Wear this crystal when you want to associate and become comfortable with the ideas of 'I can have everything I ever dreamed of' or 'I believe in the promised land'.

    In the Native American tradition opals are often used to help invoke visions and are often carried on vision quests because of their association with bringing inspiration and insight.

    We say: The opal used in these earrings is of the highest quality and reflects back a variety of colours that move slightly as you look at them from different angles. The feathers hang loosely which gives a lovely dangling effect.

    These earrings match the opal feather necklace that we also sell.