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    Empowering Women (Book) by Louise Hay

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    Wholesale Empowering Women by Louise Hay

    Information: 133 pages, hardback.

    About the Book:
    When Louise Hay published the first edition of Empowering Women 20 years ago, her hope was to help all women experience and take ownership of their self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and rightful, powerful place in the world. Today, her words and wisdom ring as true as ever - and in the time of the Women's March, #MeToo, and Time's Up, they may resonate even more deeply with women seeking the best next step on their path.

    This updated edition of her groundbreaking work delves insightfully into every aspect of a woman's life, from relationships to health to sexuality to finances. Louise's words hold up for our examination the standards that have traditionally defined and limited women, and they encourage us to consciously shift our internal ground so we can embrace progress in ways both big and small. This book is our invitation to live as fully and freely as we all deserve - and to embody the joyful truth Louise express: We are in a period of womderful evolution now!