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Makko Powder (High Grade) - 500 grams

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Makko Powder is a traditional ingredient in Japanese incense making. It can also be used as a base instead of charcoal to smolder incense ingredients.

Makko means 'incense powder' and comes from the Machillus thunbergii tree which is an evergreen native to South East Asia. The original wood of the Makko Powder called Tabu grows on the natural mountains and in forests of Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia and is considered Organic.

This Makko powder is a water soluble adhesive base used for making both incense sticks and cones. It is highest quality grade and burns easily and is almost completely odourless. Ideal as a base for making your own special blends.

Weight: 500g
Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan
Alternative Name: Tabu no ki