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CD: Journey to the Angels by Llewellyn

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Total running time: 51 minutes

The Tracks:
1 The Angel Garden
2 The Journey
3 At the Golden Gates
4 Guardian Angel
5 The Return Journey
6 Peaceful Sanctuary

They say: This music has been carefully and lovingly arranged by Llewellyn with the guidance of the angelic forces and contains all the elements you may wish to use in your guided visualisation to journey with the angels. However, you may decide to simply allow yourself to drift into the beautiful places that the harmonious sounds intuitively bring into the imagery of your mind.

Journey to the Angels includes special accompanying notes by Christine Astell.

We say: Choral, drifting, dreamy, floating melodies. You feel surrounded by sound the whole time. Gives feeling of the upper realms and choirs of angels. This kind of CD is rich enough to have as relaxation music but is also suitable for meditation, but not the kind of meditation where you wish to totally empty your mind, more for the journeying kind of meditation where you explore your inner workings and imagery.