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    The Self-Healing Revolution (Book)

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    Wholesale The Self-Healing Revolution (Book) by Noelle Renée Kovary

    Information: 160 pages, hardback.

    About the Book:
    Transform your life with Ayurveda and discover the art of intuitive living through nutrition, lifestyle practices, and self-care with this comprehensive guide to Noelle Renée Kovary, a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Holistic Nutrition Coach.

  • Important information on how to find your unique mind-body type, known as your dosha
  • 7-day meal plan and in-depth nutritional guides for your dosha, plus 40 recipes to get you started
  • Adaptogenic herbal tonic recipes to balance hormones, boost energ, and deeply heal over time
  • Guidance on bloating, cravings, and poor digestion with Ayurvedic home remedies
  • How to enjoy desserts while keeping the weight off, and advice on dining out and keeping your balance
  • Simple daily self-love rituals to reconnect to your body and ease through life's stresses
  • Natural face mask recipes with ingredients from your kitchen
  • Easy daily yoga and movement guides for all levels

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