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    Your Body & the Stars (Book)

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    Wholesale Your Body and the Stars (Book) by Stephanie Marango

    Information: 225 pages, paperback

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    This is not an astrology book, nor an anatomy one. Rather, it is a wellness guide, one that uses the stars as its foundation.

    Your Body and the Stars is a fun and insightful handbook that takes a revolutionary approach to wellness by unlocking the power of the stars. Working through the twelve zodiac signs and the body region each sign represents—from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces)—discover how to give your body the attention it deserves.

    Do you suffer from neck pain? Go to the chapter on Taurus to learn why your neck hurts. Want healthier knees? Learn preventive exercises in the Capricorn chapter. This is the first comprehensive,self-directed holistic program that covers emotional and mental health along with the body. Identify your sun sign or a body region that needs care, and then draw on the zodiac’s wisdom for practical tips and illustrated exercises (based on a mix of yoga, stretch and strengthening movements, and Pilates)that deliver an effective result.

    Your Body and the Stars brings together medically trained, holistic physician Dr. Stephanie Marango and talented astrologist Rebecca Gordon, whose astrology columns appear on numerous website sand publications. Marango and Gordon combine their individual expertise to bridge the zodiac signs to physical life, providing a lifelong tool that can both prevent illness and optimize well-being,illuminating your head-to-toe healing connection to the cosmos.