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    Attunement (Book)

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    Wholesale Attunement (Book) by Marisa Moris

    Information: 167 pages, paperback.

    About the Book:
    For most of her adult life, Marisa Moris worked in the Property and Mortgage industry and had never encountered the world of spirituality until a car accident in 2008 led her to have an out of body experience. This experience, and the information and vision she gained from it, led her to become a medium, an intuitive healer and a channel. In this book, Marisa writes for those who, like her, have discovered or have a feeling that they too have psychic and spiritual gifts, but don't know what to do with them or how to develop them safely. Marisa teaches readers how to develop these abilities and demystifies the spiritual world for those new to the field.

    In addition, Marisa offers simple exercises that readers can do to attune themselves to the highest universal energies. These exercises include meditation, grounding, Heart Space Attunement, an energy clearing Soul Bat and the Snow Globe visualization technique. This book will teach readers how to experience their lives in a whole new way through the discovery of their own spiritual gifts