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Turquoise Fetish Necklace - Bear, Wolf and Eagle by Corine Romerez

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Dimensions: Total length of turquoise fetish necklace 18" (45 cms)
Origin: Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Corine Romerez from the Navajo tribe.

We say (by Brett): The eagle is obviously the fetish with wings! The wolf is the symbol with the tail and the bear is the other one with the more rounded body. In the Native American culture there are many core shapes that represent animals and other energies. The turquoise is real turquoise and the necklace overall feels very light compared to what I would have thought. You can wear a necklace like this because you love it but often people feel an affinity with the animals: the spirituality of eagle, the depth and sweetness of bear and the instinctive power of wolf. For more details see below. I like this necklace. Sometimes fetish necklaces have loads of different animals on or lots of different pieces of crystal. But I like the simplicity of this making it a wearable piece rather than being overpowering.

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