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    The Secret Language of Herbs (Book)

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    The Secret Language of Herbs by Alice Peck

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    Discover the hidden meanings of 55 popular herbs. With stunning illustrations, this is the perfect introduction to the fascinating language and lore of herbs.

    Total Pages: 128 (Hardback)

    About the Author
    Drawn to finding the sacred in the everyday, Alice Peck in the author of Mindful Beads and Be More Tree, both published by CICO Books, as well as Bread, Body, Spirit and Next to Godliness/ With Chris Grosso, she is the co-author of Dead Set of Living. As an editor, Alice focuses on mind and spirit, collaborating with Zen and Tibetan Buddhist teachers, psychotherapist, and more. Before focusing on writing and publishing, she acquired books and developed screenplays for film and television. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her family.