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    CD: Protected by Angels by Stephen Rhodes

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    Total running time: 58:43 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1. Protected by Angels 8:35
    2. Heavens Awake 6:10
    3. Angel of the Ocean 9:32
    4. Archangel Michael 8:35
    5. Safe and Sound 8:02
    6. In Company of Angels 6:20
    7. Home in Paradise 11:11

    Back of CD says: Just as the title suggests, Protected by Angels is an album to envelop the listener in warm clouds of musical well-being. Whether you're an Angel enthusiast or simply looking for the right music to soothe your body and soul, this wonderful and uplifting album is simply heavenly.

    Stephen Rhodes explores his natural affinity with the Angels theme and realises an album as sympathetic in its subject area, as in the resonating healing harmonies it generates for the listener. Take time, unwind and settle down for a celestial journey of peace and tranquillity. Features extensive sleevenotes by renowned Angel Authoress, Diana Cooper.