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    Stand Tall Like a Mountain - Suzy Reading

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    Wholesale Stand Tall Like a Mountain (Book) by Suzy Reading

    Information: 190 pages, paperback

    About the Book:
    Stand Tall Like a Mountain is specifically designed to empower children and their parents to:

  • Learn tools for managing and effectively expressing everyday emotions
  • Learn nourishing and soothing practices for their bodyes and minds in easy to read and understand language
  • Develop tools for resilience and coping with challenges
  • Explore activites to gain better understanding of each other and their strengths, boosting family harmony.

    We teach our children how to brush their teeth and cross the road safely; this book is about broadening their toolkit to include emotional first aid. Suzy Reading introduces practices to encourage noticing emotions, feeling calm, expressing feelings, falling asleep more easily, coping with anger and feelings of anxiety, and nurturing confidence and kindness.

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