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    I Am Dragon (Book)

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    Wholesale I Am Dragon (Book) by Kirsten Riddle

    Information: 144 pages, hardback.

    Blurb on the Back Says:
    Harness your inner dragon power with this fabulous little guide from Kirsten Riddle. Having featured in legends and literature for centuries, dragons continue to fascinate us. Now you can learn how to "train your own dragon" - connect to your creative side and secret strength with easy rituals and visualizations to express your true self and achieve your goals - and live as a dragon queen: wear dramatic makeup, surround yourself with evocative scents, and sip potent cocktails.

    - The perfect gift for anyone intrigued by the mystery and magnificence of dragons.
    - Learn about the history of dragons
    - Tap into dragon magic with spells and rituals
    - Discover practical beauty tips and advice, as well as cocktail recipes.