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Angelic Realm Pendant (with Sterling Silver)

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Product Info

Dimensions: Total length including sterling silver loop 2.25 inches 55 mm. Width 0.25 inches- 5mm.

Other information: Inside the slender glass vial are the mixed mini crystals and on the outside of the glass the sterling silver wire is wrapped in a regular spiral with a silver loop and link at the top.

Crystal pendant comes mounted on a card as above. Made from solid sterling silver. Silver chains available separately.

Words written on reverse of card that pendant is mounted on:

This vial contains Azeztulite, Angelite, Seraphinite and Celestite. It is designed for opening the door to communion with the angels. The stones in this vial cary the hightest and gentlest subtle energies, attuning one to the frequencies of one's spirit guides, guardian angels and other higher beings.