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    Chakradance (Book)

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    Wholesale Chakradance (Book) by Natalie Southgate

    Information: 268 pages, paperback.

    About the Book:
    The chakras are said to be the energetic gateways connecting mind, body and spirit.

    In Western societies, those three aspects of our selves have been separated for far too long. Advances in neuro-science are now proving what many ancient Eastern traditions have always taught: mind, body and spirit are inter-connected, and the chakras hold the keys to their inter-connection.

    This is a book about how to experience your chakras and understand how they work. It's a roadmap for learning how to work with your chakras to transform your life.

    Natalie Southgate discovered that moving your chakras, by dancing to chakra-specific music, can help you release blockages caused by old, stuck, emotional baggage. It can help you to re-tune and re-balance your chakras, restoring you to a blissful state of vibrant health and well-being.

    This book includes links to awesome Chakradance music and guided meditation tracks. It's a book to be experienced, not just to be read!