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    The Soul's Agenda (Book)

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    The Soul's Agenda by Michelle Stevens

    The inner self waits patiently until we are ready to discover it

    About the Book
    This inspiring collection of channeled messages will enlighten, encourage, and empower you.

    Michelle Stevens has been keenly aware of the presence of her spirit guides in her life since she was eight years old and heard their messages. For 30 years she never told anyone about them, but in 2012, with encouragement from her guides, she created a blog in order to share their guidance, wisdom and support. The Soul's Agenda is a stunningly presented compilation of a selection of the messages she has received and continues to receive every day.

    It seems that now, more than ever, so many of us doubt ourselves: we don’t believe ourselves to be wise enough, strong enough, smart enough, clever enough, or spiritual enough—when nothing could be further from the truth. We find ourselves searching for meaning in life, wondering what path to take, and asking ourselves “Why am I here?,” “What is my purpose?,” and “What will make me happy?”

    With her guides illuminating the way, Michelle helps us to find answers to all these questions and more. The messages will take you on a practical, and profoundly spiritual and personal, journey that leads to the well of confidence, clarity, strength, wisdom, creativity, fearlessness, love, and joy that already exists in our souls.

    With this discovery of your inner self and strength, you will never again feel as if your life is at the mercy of forces outside of your control, and as a result your experience of yourself and of the world around you will be changed forever.

    On the Back of the Book
    When you understand The Soul's Agenda, life is effortlessly transformed from a mystery into a profoundly personal spiritual journey, with you seated securely in the driver's seat.

    What Lies Ahead
    A truly amazing life is waiting for you, Dear One.

    While you are busy worrying about it, trying to figure out how to create it, stressing about whether or not you think you are worthy of it, it is already there.

    To catch up to it, start living it, to make it your own, all you need to do is to start choosing it.

    We'll show you how

    The Souls Agenda will help you to...

    Trust. Let Go. Connect. Love. Heal. Create. Inspire.

    Total Pages: 128 (Paperback)

    About the Author
    Michelle Stevens launched her blog,, in 2012, and in response to reader requests, a weekly Spanish version of the blog was created in 2013. She also does automatic writings and conducts private readings for a small group of select clients. In addition, Michelle is an award-winning copywriter, marketing and brand strategist, and founder of a boutique advertising agency in New York. She is currently in the process of earning a master's degree in Social Psychology. The Soul's Agenda is her first book.