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    The Sun Tarot Card Pendant (sterling silver)

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    Product Info

    Manufacturer: Peter Stone
    Dimensions: Width 16 mm. Overall height 35 mm.
    Weight: 6.95 grams
    Other information: Made from solid sterling silver. Silver chains available separately.

    The Sun Tarot card represents unbridled joy and success. You are at last free to be yourself! There is a feeling of elation because you have moved beyond what you ever thought was possible and you have gained many skills along the way. The Sun represents our ability to handle whatever life throws at us. Sometimes we will be challenged, but essentially challenges are opportunities for growth, and we are never given more than we are capable of. Sometimes to accomplish all we have ever dreamed of, all we have to do is believe that we deserve it. Why shouldn't you have the job that brings you ultimate satisfaction, why shouldn't you be the one to find a fulfilling spiritual inner life? The Sun can lead you to inner happiness.

    We say: I never expected a Tarot card as a pendant to be so beautiful. Fine, three dimensional detail and an ornate tube runner for the chain make for a pendant full of life and very attractive.