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    Saints and Angels (Hardback Book) by Doreen Virtue

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    Saints and Angels (Hardback Book) by Doreen Virtue

    Information: 223 pages, hardback.

    About the Book
    Internationally bestselling author Doreen Virtue has created an informative, practical and easy-to-use guide to the saints and angels.

    This comprehensive mini-encyclopedia includes background information for each angel and saint, which role they serve today and how they can help us with specific life problems. There are also channeled messages and personalized prayers to each one, and guidance on how to call on them to help you in different areas of your life. Also included is a chart that shows who to pray to in specific life situations, such as addictions, finding a soulmate, needing emergency money and healing physical illness.

    This book is for all those who want to know more about these Holy beings and the role they can play in our daily life.