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Scorpio Zodiac Card (Message) by Josephine Wall

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Card dimensions: Scorpio Greeting Card by Josephine Wall - 184x138mm (7"x5.5") approx.
Information: Comes with full colour envelope. Each card also has artwork inside.

Prose (inside left of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

October 24 - November 22
Though Scorpios' appearance
is mysterious and cool,
beneath their calm facades,
the deepest passions rule.
Most sensual of the signs,
they feel intense desire.
Idealists to the core,
they're forever reaching higher.
Strong-willed with hidden depths,
Scorpios stand tall,
and when embracing a cause,
they give it their all.

Prose (inside right of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

You are a very special part
of my universe.