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Virgo Zodiac Card (Message) by Josephine Wall

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Card dimensions: Virgo Greeting Card by Josephine Wall - 184x138mm (7"x5.5") approx.
Information: Comes with full colour envelope. Each card also has artwork inside.

Prose (inside left of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

August 23 - September 22
Like the planet we stand on,
Virgo is solid and true.
No job is too hard
for this earth sign to do.
Always ready to serve
and bring order to messes,
they bring practical answers
with logic - not guesses.
Much too hard on themselves,
Virgos need to see the ways
their kind, thoughtful care
helps to brighten others' days.

Prose (inside right of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

You are a very special part
of my universe.