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Wholesale Pendulums

Pendulums are a popular divination tool that have been used for centuries to gain insight into the unknown. A pendulum is a weight suspended from a fixed point that swings back and forth in a regular motion. This motion can be used to answer yes or no questions or to obtain information about the energy or vibration of an object, person, or place.

We offer a variety of wholesale pendulums in both crystals including amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz, as well as brass. Crystal pendulums are believed to have unique properties that can enhance the pendulum's ability to detect energy and vibrations. For example, amethyst is believed to enhance intuition, while rose quartz is associated with love and emotional healing. Whilst brass pendulums do not have the added benefits of crystal properties, they are still effective tools for divination and can be used in a similar way.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, pendulums can be a valuable tool for gaining insight and understanding. With a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, take a look at our wide range of pendulums to find those that resonate with you.

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  • Faceted Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum (Brazilian - Good Quality)
  • Faceted Amethyst Crystal Pendulum (Brazilian)
  • Faceted Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum (Brazilian - Good Quality)
  • Faceted Clear Quartz Tear Drop Pendulum (Brazilian)
  • Orgone Chakra Pendulum
  • Goddess Dowsing Pendulum (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Pendulum - Banded Amethyst
  • Chakra Pendulum - Clear Quartz
  • Chakra Pendulum - Rose Quartz
  • Round Clear Quartz Pendulum with 7 Chakra Chain
  • Round Amethyst Pendulum with 7 Chakra Chain
  • Polished Amethyst Sphere Pendulum
  • Spiral Pendulum - Gold Colour (Brass Gold-Plated)
  • Conical Pendulum - Gold Colour (Brass Gold-Plated)
  • Rounded Conical Pendulum (Brass Gold-Plated)
  • Spiral Pendulum - Silver Colour (Brass Chrome-Plated)
  • Conical Pendulum - Silver Colour (Brass Chrome-Plated)
  • Rounded Concical Pendulum (Brass Chrome-Plated)
  • Wooden Pendulum Stand - Holds 16 Pendulums (45cm Tall)
  • The Pendulum Kit - Sig Longegren
  • Brass Plated Amethyst Pendulum
  • Brass Plated Clear Quartz Pendulum