Wholesale Scentsual Incense (from Japan)

Scentsual is a contemporary range of Japanese incense produced by the company Nippon Kodo. This range draws inspiration from nature and focuses on providing products with the best single plant-based fragrances found in the natural world.

The two and three-tone modern Scentsual packaging was inspired by the multi-coloured bark found on Rainbow Eucalyptus trees and is well designed, made with recycled paper and reflects the contemporary appeal of the product. This kindness to nature is reflected in the product ingredients too, with 100% natural fragrances and zero colourants.

Scentsual Japanese incense comes in boxes of 30 sticks with a holder provided and are aimed at consumers with an interest in leading natural, eco-enthused lives.

  • Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense
  • Brilliant Blue Lavender Scentsual Incense
  • Calm Hinoki Mint Scentsual Incense
  • Fresh Matcha Scentsual Incense
  • Sparkling Gold Yuzu Scentsual Incense
  • Sweet White Sage Scentsual Incense