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Wholesale Miscellaneous Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants are natural minerals that are treasured for their unique beauty and metaphysical properties. In this category we have a variety of wholesale crystal pendants that don’t quite fit into our other categories including merkaba pendants, teardrop pendants, and pendants in other various shapes and sizes.

Our Merkaba pendants take the shape of a three-dimensional star, and the word "Merkaba" is derived from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew words, with "Mer" meaning "light," "Ka" meaning "spirit," and "Ba" meaning "body." Collectively, "Merkaba" can be interpreted as the "spiritual body of light." The Merkaba is often seen as a symbol of spiritual protection and transformation. It is often associated with the idea of ascending or raising one's consciousness to a higher level. Practitioners may visualise or meditate upon the Merkaba shape to connect with higher states of consciousness, access inner wisdom, and promote healing and transformation.

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  • Amethyst - Merkaba Pendant
  • Clear Quartz - Merkaba Pendant
  • Rose Quartz - Merkaba Pendant
  • Spiral Crystal Holder (Silver Plated Metal)
  • Amethyst - Teardrop Pendant
  • Golden Tigers Eye - Teardrop Pendant
  • Mother of Pearl Yin Yang Pendant
  • Orgone Flower of Life Amethyst Pendant
  • Orgone Flower of Life Citrine Pendant
  • Orgone Chakra Oval Pendant
  • Shungite Crescent Moon Pendant
  • Shungite Triangle Pendant