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Wholesale Fairies Incense

Our wholesale range of Fairies incense is inspired by the mystical, enchanting, and mysterious world of fairies, where mythical beings are often associated with nature and magic. They are made from a blend of essential oils, honey, coconut, shell powder, plant resin and vegetable oils, carefully selected and expertly mixed to create a delightful aroma that evokes the magical world of fairies. 

Each fragrance in the Fairies incense line is named after a different fairy, such as the Fairy of Truth, or the Fairy of Creativity. Each has its own unique scent profile and qualities to capture the essence of these gentle beings. These fragrances range from sweet and floral to earthy and woody, and are sure to transport you to a realm of enchantment and wonder. Our Fairies incense range is perfect for those seeking to add a touch of magic to your daily routine.

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  • Truth - Fairies Incense
  • Hope - Fairies Incense
  • Guardian Fairy - Fairies Incense
  • Creativity - Fairies Incense
  • Happiness - Fairies Incense
  • Light - Fairies Incense
  • Awareness - Fairies Incense