Wholesale Naturense Incense

Naturense is a Japanese incense product line produced by renowned manufacturer, Nippon Kodo. 

The idea behind Naturense incense is to focus on evoking feelings and emotions. The products in this range cater for people who are keen to conjure up particular feelings in their home or life, such as feeling calm, comfortable or refreshed. 

The products focus on leading a natural lifestyle too – hence the name Naturense. As you’d expect for such a brand, the ingredients are natural, the fragrances used to evoke the different feelings are carefully selected and created using quality essential oils and there are no artificial dyes involved.

  • Naturense Calm Night Incense
  • Naturense Comfortable Time Incense
  • Naturense Inspired Mind Incense
  • Naturense Oriental Mind Incense
  • Naturense Refreshed Time Incense