Wholesale Incense Ceremony

In the Incense Ceremony category, you’ll find incense products by Nippon Kodo that are specially designed to be used for ceremonial purposes. 

In Japanese culture, the incense ceremony (or Koh-Doh) has long been a popular cultural and social event. The incense ceremony involves burning fragrant wood, such as kyara, agarwood (jinkoh) and sandalwood (byakudan).

Nippon Kodo has produced a range of quality incense products that can be used for the purposes of conducting an incense ceremony, or simply enjoyed for their aromatic qualities. Incense ceremony products include Shoko Gasho, Zukoh Premium Incense Powder, Nerikoh Hatsune Incense and Shoko Hyaka.

  • Nerikoh Fujibakama Incense (30g)
  • Nerikoh Kurobou Incense (40g)
  • Nerikoh Hatsune Incense (30g)
  • Nerikoh Chiyo-no-Matsu (50g)
  • Shoko Gozan (30g)
  • Shoko Ryoka (30g)
  • Shoko Hyaka (30g)
  • Shoko Gassho
  • Zukoh Premium Incense Powder (15g)