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Wholesale Nippon Kodo Incense (from Japan)

Nippon Kodo is one of Japan's most influential producers of high quality incense. The company has a long history, having been founded over four centuries ago and was famed for supplying incense to the Emperor of Japan.

Their knowledge and craftsmanship continues today and they produce a wide range of traditional and contemporary incense products, including ranges such as Morning Star, Ka-Fuh, Koh Incense Rolls, Hana no Hana, Naturense and Scentsual.

Between them, their products feature a variety of scents and aromas, including aromatic, woody, citrus, sweet, floral, spicy and fruity fragrances.

  • Morning Star Vanilla Incense
  • Morning Star Sandalwood Incense
  • Morning Star Sage Incense
  • Morning Star Rose Incense
  • Morning Star Pine Incense
  • Morning Star Patchouli Incense
  • Morning Star Myrrh Incense
  • Morning Star Musk Incense
  • Morning Star Lotus Incense
  • Morning Star Lavender Incense
  • Morning Star Jasmine Incense
  • Morning Star Green Tea Incense
  • Morning Star Gardenia Incense
  • Morning Star Frankincense Incense
  • Morning Star Cedarwood Incense
  • Morning Star Amber Incense
  • Sparkling Gold Yuzu Scentsual Incense
  • Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense
  • Calm Hinoki Mint Scentsual Incense
  • Fresh Matcha Scentsual Incense
  • Sweet White Sage Scentsual Incense
  • Brilliant Blue Lavender Scentsual Incense
  • Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood Incense (360 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Byakudan Incense (150 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Byakudan Incense (60 Sticks & Incense Holder)
  • Mainichi-Koh Moss Incense (300 Sticks)
  • Shin Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood Incense (80 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Kyara Delux Aloeswood (300 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Viva Incense - 10 Rolls (500 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Viva Incense - 5 Rolls (250 Sticks)
  • Ka-Fuh Daphne Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Lotus Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Aqua Incense
  • Ka-Fuh White Plum Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Lavender Incense