Wholesale Ka-Fuh Incense

Ka-Fuh is a Japanese incense product line produced by Nippon Kodo. Ka-Fuh is pronounced as “ka-fu” and means the “scent of blossoms in the wind”. 

All of the incense products in the Ka-Fuh line are based on popular floral fragrances, including traditional Japanese floral scents, such as Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), White Plum, Daphne, Lavender and Lotus. 

The ingredients for the incense sticks are specially selected and the products are made by expert incense craftspeople.

  • Ka-Fuh Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Aqua Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Lotus Incense
  • Ka-Fuh White Plum Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Lavender Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Daphne Incense