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Wholesale Oracle Cards

Oracle card decks are a popular tool for divination, guidance, and self-discovery. These decks consist of a set of cards, each containing an image and a message that is intended to provide insight and inspiration to the reader. Oracle card decks come in a wide variety of themes, each designed to offer a unique perspective on life, the universe, and spirituality.

We offer a variety of decks including themes such as angels, animals, native and shamanic, healing, and even smaller mini and pocket oracle decks. Oracle cards are a versatile and valuable tool for those seeking guidance and insight into their lives. With a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from, there is an oracle card deck for every interest and spiritual path.

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  • Moonology Oracle Cards - Yasmin Boland
  • The Starseed Oracle - Rebecca Campbell
  • Work Your Light Oracle Cards - Rebecca Campbell
  • The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards - Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Moonology Manifestation Oracle - Yasmin Boland
  • Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray
  • Angel Answers Oracle Cards - Radleigh Valentine
  • Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray
  • Super Attractor Affirmation Cards - Gabrielle Bernstein
  • The Rose Oracle - Rebecca Campbell
  • The Angel Guide Oracle - Kyle Gray
  • The Spirit Animal Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid
  • The Sacred Forest Oracle - Denise Linn
  • Earth Magic Cards - Steven Farmer
  • Oracle of the Fairies - Karen Kay
  • Spellcasting Oracle Cards - Flavia Kate Peters
  • The Divine Feminine Oracle - Meggan Watterson
  • Archangel Animal Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper
  • Dragon Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper
  • White Light Oracle - Alana Fairchild
  • Archangel Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper
  • Angel Cards for Children - Diana Cooper
  • The Herbal Astrology Oracle - Adriana Ayales
  • Making Magick Mini Cards - Priestess Moon
  • Angels of Light Cards (Second Edition) - Diana Cooper
  • Moon Magick Mini Cards - Stacey Demarco
  • Energy Oracle Cards - Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Cards - Heather Askinosie
  • Angels of Light Cards (Pocket Edition) - Diana Cooper
  • Chakra Love Mini Cards - Katie Manekshaw
  • Green Witch Oracle Cards - Cheralyn Darcey
  • Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards - Steven Farmer
  • Queen of the Moon Oracle - Stacey Demarco
  • Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards - Denise Linn
  • Sweet Dreams Mini Cards - Rose Inserra
  • Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards - Colette Baron-Reid