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Wholesale Native American Crafts

In this category we have a number of wholesale Native American Crafts including feather fans, pipe’s, rattles and feather adornments. Smudging feather fans are used during smudging ceremonies, which involve the burning of sacred herbs like sage, cedar, or sweetgrass to purify a space or person. Feathers are considered sacred in many Native American cultures, symbolising spiritual connections, freedom, and protection.

Pipes are an important ceremonial and spiritual tool among many Native American tribes. They are used in rituals, prayers, and gatherings. Pipes hold deep cultural and spiritual significance, often representing unity, peace, and the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Rattles are used in ceremonies and dances to provide rhythm and sound. They are believed to invoke spirits and enhance spiritual experiences.

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  • Black Leather Medicine Bag by Curtis Bitsui
  • Turkey Smudging Feather Fan by Kim Wilson, Winnebago Sioux, USA
  • Large Turkey Vulture Feather Fan
  • Small Navajo Antler Pipe - Signed by Navajo Artist
  • Long Turquoise Decorative Feather Adornment by Sheryl Kee - Navajo Tribe
  • Navajo Plain Rattle (Small)
  • Long White Decorative Feather Adornment by Sheryl Kee - Navajo Tribe