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Wholesale Hanging Crystal Suncatchers

Hanging crystal suncatchers are a popular decorative item that add a touch of elegance and beauty to any space. These suncatchers are made from high-quality lead crystal or glass and come in a variety of designs and shapes, including chakras, tree of life, hearts, stars, angels and more.

Made with precision and care, these suncatchers are created to capture and reflect sunlight, casting a rainbow of colours throughout the room. The sparkle and shine of the crystals are known to bring joy and positivity, creating a calming and peaceful ambiance.

The chakra suncatchers, for instance, are known to promote spiritual healing and balance, whilst tree of life suncatchers symbolise growth, strength, and connection to nature. These hanging crystal suncatchers are not only beautiful but also functional, adding a touch of elegance to any room while brightening up the space with natural light. They are a perfect addition to any home decor, garden, or outdoor space, bringing a sense of serenity and tranquillity to one's surroundings.

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  • Sun Catcher Crystal Cone (AAA Quality)
  • Sun Catcher Crystal Panorama
  • Circular Sun Catcher (AAA Quality)
  • Metta Chakra Crystal Heart with Gift Box (20cm)
  • Harmony Chakra Crystal Leaf with Gift Box (20cm)
  • Amrita Chakra Crystal Teardrop with Gift Box (20cm)
  • Chakra Crystal Sphere with Gift Box (20cm)
  • Tree of Life Butterfly Crystal Decoration - White Drop
  • Tree of Life Butterfly Crystal Decoration - Violet Drop
  • Lead Crystal Cascade - Rainbow
  • Lead Crystal Diamond Cascade - Mystique
  • Lead Crystal Diamond Cascade - Ocean
  • Lead Crystal Star with Chakra Cascade
  • Lead Crystal Sphere with Chakra Crystals (20mm)
  • Lead Crystal Sun Catcher with Guardian Angel Disc
  • Lead Crystal Sun Catcher with Chakra Crystals
  • Lead Crystal Sphere with Clear & Purple Suncatchers (20mm)
  • Lead Crystal Heart with Chakra Cascade
  • Tinkerbell with Rose Quartz and Lead Crystal
  • Lead Crystal Sphere with Mini Rainbow Lead Crystals (20mm)
  • Lead Crystal Star with Yellow Cascade
  • Angel & Crystal Heart Window Decoration