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Wholesale Mystical & Fantasy Jewellery

Welcome to our category of wholesale sterling silver mystical and fantasy jewellery, here you will find designs inspired by mythical creatures, legendary beings, and other elements from folklore, mythology, and fantasy literature such as the phoenix, unicorn, and gryphon.

The phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to be consumed by fire upon death and then reborn from its own ashes. It symbolises renewal, resurrection, and the cyclical nature of life. You may choose to wear the symbol of the Phoenix to represent personal transformation, overcoming challenges, or a desire for a fresh start. It can also be a symbol of hope and the belief in the possibility of rebirth after difficult times. Similarly, the Unicorn is often associated with purity, grace, and enchantment, whilst the Gryphon is often seen as a symbol of strength, courage, and protection.

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  • Celtic Unicorn Pendant (Sterling Silver) - With Midnight Blue Resin (MBL)
  • Flying Phoenix Pendant with Gem (Sterling Silver)
  • Unicorn Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Vampire Teeth with Blood Drops Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Phoenix Fleur De Lis Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Rising Phoenix Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • The Rise of the Mystical Fire Bird Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Jody Bergsma Phoenix Pendant (Sterling Silver)