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Wholesale Rough & Natural Crystals

Rough crystals are unpolished and uncut gemstones that showcase the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the mineral they are formed from. These crystals are often admired for their raw, organic appearance, which can range from jagged edges and uneven surfaces to smooth, unrefined textures.

Our wholesale range of rough crystals come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Popular crystals include selenite, rose quartz and black tourmaline. We also offer a variety of rough crystal tray assortments, containing collections of a specific crystal or arrangements of crystals based on a specific theme such as chakras, wisdom or relaxation.

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  • Selenite Mountain (about 9 -11 cms tall / 3.5 - 4 inches)
  • Natural Selenite Bar (20cm)
  • Rough Selenite Sticks in Jar (1kg Approx)
  • Bag of Large Rough Rose Quartz (15 Pieces Approx)
  • 1kg - Rough Rose Quartz in Jar (1-6cm)
  • Rough Selenite with Polished Point
  • Rough Selenite Bars (10 Pack)
  • Rough Black Obsidian Tray (24 pieces)
  • Rough Orange Calcite Tray (24 pieces)
  • Bag of Rough Golden Tigers Eye (500g)
  • Rough Large Mineral Tray (20 pieces)
  • Rough Mineral Stone Giftbox with 5 Crystals
  • Power Box 1: Clear Quartz Crystal Points
  • Power Box 2: Amethyst Druses (B Quality)
  • Power Box 3: Rough Rose Quartz
  • Power Box 4: Rough Black Tourmaline
  • Power Box 5: Rough Pyrite
  • Power Box 6: Dreams Collection Rough Crystals
  • Power Box 7: Chakra Harmony Collection Rough Crystals
  • Power Box 8: Inner Strength & Wisdom Collection Rough Crystals
  • Power Box 9: Balancing & Relaxation Rough Crystals
  • Power Box 10: Golden Triangle Crystals
  • Power Box 11: Rough Amethyst
  • Power Box 13: Amazonite Rough
  • Power Box 14: Blue Quartz Rough
  • Power Box 15: Orange Calcite Rough
  • Power Box 16: Red Jasper Rough
  • Power Box 19: Rough Gemstone Mix