Wholesale Oedo-Koh Incense

Oedo-Koh is a specialist incense range created by Nippon Kodo. The range is inspired by the art, craft and culture of Edo – the old name for the city of Tokyo – and it was created by master artisans in Tokyo to express the fragrant atmosphere of old Edo. 

The high quality incense fragrances in the Oedo-Koh range have been specially blended to relate to folk tales typically told in old Edo. Each of the incense products is crafted by hand by skilled artisans in Tokyo and they feature traditional colours. Care and attention is paid to the packaging too - the incense comes in a paulownia box with interesting surface textures and Japanese patterns. There’s detail inside the box too, with Ukiyo-e paintings printed inside to add to the authenticity of the Edo-inspired incense. 

The Oedo-Koh incense comes with an incense holder made of tin (a popular metal during the Edo period) that is designed to resemble the stone pavements of Edo. Plus, there’s an English guide inside the packaging, making this incense a great gift idea.

  • Oedo-Koh Water Drop Incense (60 Sticks)
  • Oedo-Koh Pine Tree Incense (60 Sticks)
  • Oedo-Koh Chrysanthemum Incense (60 Sticks)
  • Oedo-Koh Cherry Blossom Incense (60 Sticks)
  • Oedo-Koh Peony Tree Incense (60 Sticks)
  • Oedo-Koh Aloeswood Incense (60 Sticks)