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Wholesale Bath Salts

Explore our range of wholesale bath salts, and discover the captivating scents, healing properties, and eco-conscious practices that make bath time a moment of pure bliss.

Our range of bath salts from Kuumba Made, a brand celebrated for its commitment to crafting organic and sustainable products, present a range of bath salts that exemplify their dedication to providing wellness-enhancing experiences. Their bath salts are meticulously curated, combining premium salts with essential oils and botanical extracts to create captivating blends that uplift your spirits and relax your body.

We also offer a range of bath salts hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Scotland. The Divine Hag channels the timeless wisdom of ancient healing traditions to craft their bath salts. Drawing inspiration from Celtic folklore and herbal lore, these bath salts encapsulate the essence of the Scottish countryside, infusing your bathwater with the spirit of nature.

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  • Bath Salts - White Ginger
  • Bath Salts - Water Goddess
  • Bath Salts - Vanilla
  • Bath Salts - Persian Garden
  • Bath Salts - Patchouli
  • Bath Salts - Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Bath Salts - Egyptian Musk
  • Bath Salts - Black Coconut
  • Bath Salts - Amber & Sandalwood
  • Bath Salts - Blissful Sleep
  • Bath Salts - Chamomile
  • Bath Salts - Lavender
  • Bath Salts - Rose