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Wholesale Chinese Coins

Lucky Chinese coins are known to be an ancient symbol of wealth, abundance and good fortune. Typically they are round with a square hole in the centre; the circle represents heaven, and the square is said to represent earth. These coins are widely used in feng shui practices to enhance wealth and prosperity in homes and businesses. They can be tied in groups of three, six, or nine with a red ribbon to activate their energy and then placed with their Chinese character side up. They are also used in divination practices, such as I Ching readings, where the coins are thrown to create a pattern used for interpretation.

The most popular way to use Chinese coins is to carry them in a wallet or pocket, usually in groups of three tied with red ribbon. They can also be placed in various locations within a business, such as near the cash register or financial papers, to attract financial success. We offer a variety of wholesale lucky Chinese coins and envelopes in various styles.

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  • 3 Chinese Lucky / Wealth Antiqued Coins & Envelope
  • 3 Chinese Lucky / Wealth Antiqued Tassled Copper Coins
  • Chinese Antiqued Lucky/Wealth Copper Coins (Bag of 24)
  • Chinese Lucky/Wealth Antiqued Copper Coin & Envelope (25mm)
  • Chinese Goodluck Envelopes Red & Gold Embossed (Set of 6)