Wholesale Incense Rolls

In the incense rolls category you’ll discover incense products by Japanese manufacturer, Nippon Kodo, that are available packaged into rolls. Some of the incense sticks come in single rolls of sticks, whilst others feature multiple rolls in one large lot. 

The sticks are literally rolled up in packaging – often paper or light cardboard – with decorative Japanese style artwork and designs. Some examples of Nippon Kodo incense that’s available in roll format include Mainichi-Koh Viva Incense, Zuin Good Fortune Cloud Incense, Eiju Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense, Seiun Classic Incense, Takasago Hana Incense and Tokusen Shibayama Incense. 

Incense rolls can be easily stacked to produce an appealing product display.