Wholesale Seiun Incense

Seiun incense is one of the top brands of Japanese incense produced by manufacturer Nippon Kodo. The Seiun fragrances are designed to be, “an inspiration to greatness.” 

Incense scents available in the Seiun range including both calming and fresh aromas. The packaging of this range of range is distinctive and very visual, depicting “The Blue Cloud”, which is regarded as being a symbol of a bright future, over Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan. 

Compared to other incenses produced by Nippon Kodo, Seiun incense contains a higher concentration of charcoal. This means it burns at a hotter temperature and produces less smoke.

  • Seiun Classic Incense Roll (48 Sticks)
  • Seiun Violet Sumire Incense Roll (50 Sticks)
  • Seiun Chrysanthemum Incense (220 Sticks)
  • Seiun Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense (160 Sticks)
  • Seiun Gold Aloeswood Incense (220 Sticks)