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Wholesale Hanging Decor & Chimes

In this category we offer a range of wholesale hanging decor, including hanging garlands, window decorations, chimes, gongs and much more. Our range of chimes and gongs are hung in a way to create pleasing sounds when they move in response to wind or touch. These are often made from metal, bamboo, glass, or ceramic materials. Chimes are popular for their calming and meditative qualities, and they are commonly placed in gardens, porches, or near windows where they can catch the wind and create gentle sounds. They serve not only as decorative elements but also as sensory experiences, enhancing the overall atmosphere of a given environment.

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  • Aurora Heart Crystal Window Decoration
  • Decorative Hearts Hanging Garland with Bell
  • Decorative Wooden Elephants on Hanging Garland with Bell
  • Tree of Life Butterfly Crystal Decoration - White Drop
  • Tree of Life Butterfly Crystal Decoration - Violet Drop
  • Angel & Crystal Heart Window Decoration
  • Wind Chime Round with Five Chimes & Crystal Windcatcher
  • 7 Chakra Flags on a String with Affirmation
  • Table Gong in Black Wooden Stand (8cm Diameter)
  • Table Gong in Light Wooden Frame (12cm Diameter)
  • Decorative 5 Elephants Mobile with Bells
  • Zen Gong Wind Chime