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The Little Book Series is a collection of books that offer insightful perspectives on various topics, designed to inspire and empower readers of all ages. Each book in this enchanting series is thoughtfully crafted to be small in size but big in impact, packed with wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice.

Spanning across a diverse range of subjects, The Little Book Series covers everything from spirituality and personal growth to wellness, mindfulness, and environmental consciousness. These books serve as friendly companions on life's journey, offering nuggets of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

With their concise yet impactful content, The Little Book Series titles are perfect for quick reads during a break or as a source of daily inspiration. Each book is carefully written by renowned authors, experts, and thought leaders in their respective fields, ensuring the highest quality of information and insights.

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  • The Little Book of Chakras - Patricia Mercier
  • The Little Book of Crystals - Judy Hall
  • The Little Book of Earth Magic - Sarah Bartlett
  • The Little Book of Forgiveness - Kitty Guilsborough
  • The Little Book of Inner Peace - Ashley Davis Bush
  • The Little Book of Kindness - David Hamilton
  • The Little Book of Meditation - Dr Patrizia Collard
  • The Little Book of Mindfulness - Dr Patrizia Collard
  • The Little Book of Reiki - Una. L Tudor
  • The Little Book of Serenity - Cheryl Rickman
  • The Little Book of Sleep - Nerina Ramlakhan
  • The Little Book of Yoga - Lucy Lucas
  • The Little Book of Zen - Émile Marini