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Wholesale Celtic Silver Jewellery

The Celtic Jewellery in this category is manufactured by Peter Stone Jewellery and all items on this page are made in sterling silver. The symbols have been thoroughly researched by Peter Stone, who have a long history of making authentic (as well as modern reinterpreted) Celtic Jewellery such as Claddagh, shamrocks and triskeles etc. The Celtic Jewellery is available to buy wholesale only.

  • Celtic Knot Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Design Ring (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knot Round Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Claddagh Birthstone Charm (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Design Toe Ring (Sterling Silver)
  • Engraved Celtic Cross Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Spiral Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Earings (Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Silver Pendant with Moonstone (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Harp Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Patterned Toe Ring (Sterling Silver)
  • Polished Celtic Cross Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Spiral Earrings ( Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Dangle Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Crescent Moon Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Heart Knotwork Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Ornate Celtic Cross + Lapis Lazuli Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Triskele Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Wheel of Being (Sterling Silver)
  • Square Ornate Celtic Cross Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Small Triskele Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Thistle Silver Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Yin Yang Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Triskele Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Teardrop Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Knots Birds Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Cerrunos Triskele Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Triquetra Knot Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Celtic Knotwork Tree of Life Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Small Claddaugh with Amethyst Heart Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Celtic Knot Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone (Sterling Silver)
  • Triquetra Crescent Moon Pendant (Sterling Silver)