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    Liquid Silver Bracelet with Mixed Crystals

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    Dimensions: Chain approximately 7.5 inches (19 cms) long.

    Other information: Chain is liquid silver chain, as shown in the photograph.
    Liquid silver is a term used to describe a type of sterling silver chain made from tiny tubes of silver strung together

    We say: Polished crystals are alternatively strung with the sterling silver beads on this liquid silver chain. Featured crystals on this bracelet are amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, garnet, blue topaz and periodot. This is a beautiful delicate dainty bracelet with quality polished pearshaped stones. Individual stones vary in length between 5 -11 mm.

    Amethyst - Spiritual, calming
    Citrine - Creativity, sunny disposition, fruitfulness
    Rose Quartz - Love and calm
    Garnet - Balance, thirst for life
    Blue Topaz - Calming energy, speaking one's truth
    Periodot - Breath of life, growth, heart

    Origin: Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Navajo on the Navajo reservation in the USA