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Original Kobunboku incense - Large box, 85 long sticks

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Incense weight: 80 grams
Number of sticks: Approximately 85 long sticks. This may vary slightly though as the quantity of incense is based upon weight, not the number of sticks
Stick length: Approx 25 cms
Burn time per stick: One hour or a little more
Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan

They say: Kobunboku is an expression of the Plum Tree. The flower is well known as 'The flower of peace' from ancient China. Kobunboku is a wonderful mixture of sandalwood & herbs, especially good for meditation and relaxation.

These sticks are made from pure formed incense. There is no stick running through the centre.

About sandalwood: An evergreen tree of the Santalaceae family found predominantly in India. Within India, the area by the southwest coast known as the Mysore region is referred to as Sandalwood City, and this is regulated by the Indian government. It is extremely famous for its production of superior quality Sandalwood as well as its high price. The heartwood of the Sandalwood tree has been valued from ancient times for carving Buddhist statues and ritual objects. Its aroma is proclaimed of in ancient works as; 'pure, powerful, emanating tranquility, when burnt it is superior to other incense aromas.'

Long or short stick? The only difference between the long and short stick is the length, and correspondingly the time they burn for. Generally long sticks burn for about an hour whereas short sticks burn for about half and hour. So long sticks are good if you are meditating for longer periods, or wish the stick to burn for a longer period. Long sticks can also easily be broken in half for times when you don't want them to burn so long though.

About Baieido: In 1657, Kakuuemon Yamatoya founded a wholesale business specialising in making and selling incense. This developed into one of the top three in the industry in Japan at a time when trade with countries such as China, Spain and Portugal was brisk. Later the name of the business changed to Nakata Baieido, still making incense with methods that had been handed down for generations. Baieido is now recognised as one of the highest quality incense manufacturers in the world today blending the finest aromatic woods and resins to produce a natural, mild, low-smoke incense stick of superb quality and aroma.

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