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Well-Being Cards by Jerry & Esther Hicks

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Product Info

Pack information: 60 card deck contained within a solid box.
Card dimensions: 89 x 126 mms
Author: Esther and Jerry Hicks. Illustrations by Kristina Swarner.

Back of box says: This beautiful card deck encompasses gems of wisdom gathered from the Abraham-Hicks teachings on practical spirituality. Each of these 60 cards will accentuate your natural state of well-being.

There is one information card inside the deck with a picture of Jerry and Esther Hicks on it and this message:

Dear Friends,
Words ---- words of new perspectives, words of an
enlightening perspective, words that were once known
but somehow forgotten ---- that's what these
Well-being cards are about.

Word's don't teach; life experience teaches. But with these
Abraham-Hicks words fresh in your mind, your every life
experience will now be more meaningful to you. And
since nothing is more important that feeling good,
nothing is more valuable than these processes that will
allow more of your natural Well-being to flow.

Have fun with these cards. Let these words inspire
thoughts that will attract to you more of that which
evokes your greatest joy.

From our hearts,
Jerry and Esther Hicks

Here are a few examples of the kind of words written on the cards:

CARD 1 Front:
Anything I can imagine
being, doing, or having
I can be, do, or have.

As you ask yourself why you want
it, the essence of your desire
is activated and the Universe
begins to bring it to you.
(Its as easy to create a castle as a button.)

CARD 2 Front:
Through the corridor of my joy
is the pathway to my desire.

Most say, When I get that,
I will be joyful. But you must be
joyful first ---- you must start
with the determination that
I will not settle for less
than feeling good.

CARD 3 Front:
I am learning
that all problems
resolve themselves.

When you have a problem,
a desire exudes forth from you,
and Source hears it
and answers it immediately.

Once you remove your attention
from the problem, you then allow
the solution.

Give birth to the question
and let it go ---- and allow
The answer to flow.

These cards have a nice feeling to them. They are all about creating what you wish in your life. Making us realise that joy is the journey not the destination. These cards empower. They are like going to a motivational seminar where you are encouraged and given new focus. They make us question the boundaries and limitations we perceive in our life.

What Holistictrader staff think "For this deck there is no instruction booklet. This is because there are two sides to each card. One side with a brief message and the other side with a more expanded version of this message.

When I select cards I normally shuffle until I feel it is time to stop, then I put one hand on the cards and say a short prayer for the right cards to come forward, then I split the cards into three piles with one hand then put them back together in the way that feels right with the other hand. Then I select from the top. You can select one card, say to get the advice you need right now, or you could pick more than one card to get a bit more information.

I have been using these cards at home for a number of weeks now, and am fairly new to the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks, but I must say I do really like their teachings. The cards are about abundance and related in some ways to "cosmic ordering" but are by no means obvious. Many of the cards really make you think about concepts that may be new and they give me the feeling that this really is a whole body of work and not just putting a load of positive statements on a few bits of cardboard." -